Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upgrade our schools?

Should We Upgrade Our Schools?

By Amelia 

          Imagine this: A hallway full of students walking around with sleek tablets, instead of binders, and the sweet smell of cookies and pie from a home ec class waft into every nook and cranny of the school. There are students walking up to restaurants during lunch, and sitting down to sandwiches at subway. Do you think it would be a good idea to have tablets in school? What about an open campus lunch, or upgrading our classes? I think that our schools should have more modern technology, classes and an open campus lunch.
          I think we should have tablets in school, because we could each have our own, download apps, email assignments to teachers quickly and easily, and type up papers so they are easier to read. Wouldn’t you just think it divine, if less paper was used, and you would no longer have to struggle to decipher student’s messy handwriting? Also, with tablets in school, it would strengthen the level of responsibility in students, making them more responsible with supplies. Of course there is the object of money, but that would not be a problem if you got a grant to buy them. If a tablet broke under students care, they would have to pay to repair it. If there is a finical problem at home, then we could have a scholarship to help students pay for it.

          Imagine the smell of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting wafting though out the school. You walk up the stairs and you see a group of bakers sitting outside the school kitchen, selling fresh cupcakes. I think we should have a cooking class. With all this unhealthy food these days, we need to show kids that it is fun to cook, and it can be, and is, better then the processed plastic they put in jars to smear on crackers. I would love a cooking class. Also, we could have a home ec class, this would be good because students could learn about things they would need in collage, like cooking and cleaning and overall care of the home. What if you tear a hole in your favorite pair of jeans, but you could easily sew them up, and go downtown without a worry?

          Have you ever wanted to go to a coffee shop for lunch? Or take a long walk to talk with your friends? I think we should have an open campus lunch. This would be good because it teaches kids responsibility, and teaches them to budget their time. It is also good for business, because if 500 kids go into town to buy food, can you imagine the revenue of local businesses? It could also help students learn about other cultures through food. What could be better then learning about Mexican food, then through eating Mexican food?
          Could you imagine a better school? With better technology? And better classes? Maybe even an open campus lunch? I think we should upgrade our schools technology, better classes, and have an open campus lunch. I think it would be great to have any of these improving factors implemented at our school. I think that our schools should have more modern technology, classes and an open campus lunch.

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  1. Great persuasive argument. Get me a job in that school please. Aunt Amy


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