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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another poem

I am feeling poemy today!

Path by Path
By Amelia!

A dazzling yellow knife severs
The black silk of night
As my eyes adjust
To the hours of darkness
My soul slinks along beside me
His eyes glittering in the darkness
My soul has a plan,
And so do I.
I sketch the outline in my head
Eyes dart around.
And as my graphite hits the canvas of life
 I draw my whole life in front of me
I keep fixing and erasing
Until I have no direction.
Only until I am good and confused
 Is when I will know where to go next…
The path of life is confusing, with so many people trying to tell you who to be.
But you are the artist
You have the paintbrush
And you can never let anyone
Take your paints from you
Life is full of color
So don’t paint it black and white
Your life is your life.
And you have your own ideas
Paint them
Make them happen
You are you.
So express yourself
If through words or actions
Or the way you carry yourself.
Be pleased
And smother yourself in creativity
Give the impression of being strong
Because you are

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Six Words

In this poem our teacher gave us six words we had to use in a poem. Here is my poem. The underlined words are the six words.

Six Words
By Amelia Sorensen
Core B2

Floating in the air
Like the lightest echo
Sounding like the rain
Falling on the roof of a tin shingled house
Flies a lone butterfly
Scarlet, and gold
 With subtle hints of blue
In the tips of the dainty wings
It floats through the gates of my dream world
Barely making the slightest sound
I reach forward
Cowardly at first
But more bravely
As its’ necessity to see me
Fills me with confidence
It cannot hide
This butterfly comes from the back of my brain
From a distant sea, drowned, hidden among forgotten thoughts
This one butterfly brings light to those thoughts
To never be forgotten again.
This one butterfly, this one idea,
Changes everything

And you can too…



The First Note of Piano 

A straightforward yet powerful sound
It sounds like a joke that nobody knows
A simple “how do you do?”
It feels like a body wracked with amusement 
An aching stomach filled with glee
So full
But you are still ravenous for more
It smells like spring
Freshly awoken
It smells like the country, 
Crammed with music and soul
It feels like creativity and love
Thinking outside the box
It tastes like the ice-cold lemonade 
In a clear glass
The ice cubes clicking against it.
It looks the Cheshire cat, 
Or the rays of amethyst 
Gleaming off the puffy clouds
In the first moment 
Of spring.
Makes me happy 
It makes a defective day
Perfect again 


White is like a child, free and innocent
Red is fierce, like a fire
Orange is fresh like grass in summer
Yellow is happy, like a well deserved smile.
Green is clean like untarnished wood
Blue is forever, like the ocean
Purple is open, like a kite on a windy fall day.
 Black is like a business person, strong and confident


Hello, and welcome to the pity story of Amelia at rehearsal..
Anyone with a faint heart, or a phobia of weirdness should just leave now.

Ah ha! You have made it through, so I know you don't have a faint heart or a phobia of weirdness.

Well, back on track. Rehearsal. I am costuming the school play with my friend, and the nerve of some people just gets to my nerves.... (no pun intended) We clearly state;
"Don't come into the costume room unless called in!" (Really how more clear could we have been?)
yet after stating such things, we still end up with 15 people yelling at us for their costumes.
" I need a skirt!"
"What ARE you doing?"
"Eww that's SOOOOOOO UGLY!!"
"Well honey, I DON"T CARE!"
"Don't touch that!"
"HELP I am drowning in a sea of people!

Any ways....

I have now made a list of people that are banned from the costume room. If they need to be fitted for a costume, they will have to wait outside. We have two people on the list so far, and I imagine the list will soon be growing.


I... MUST... GET... MORE.... VIEWS... OR.... I.. WILL... DIEEEEEEEE........



Interesting noodles

today I will be having some interesting noodles. we got them because I wanted a cool things that I could take a picture of and post on my blog... Here they are... Interesting right?