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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Thunderstorm, Or a Sunny day.

Short poem

Rain rain, 
stay and play
never leave
and always play

New Phones

Today, My family got a new phones!!! I got the Samsung Galaxy S! I am super exited!! It is a super cool phone!!  It can do like... EVERYTHING!!

When I finally publish this, I can update stuff and post pics and everything right from my phone!!!
Super cool right?? 

Live wallpaper

What is the best live wallpaper app to get.


Phones are very cool (5 syllables)
They let me call and text friends (7 syllables)
I love my new phone. (5 syllables)


Me and my friends are making a short film, called (my idea) 

The Shadows

I am going to start writing the script tonight! 
We have two main characters, both girls. 

One with brown hair, and one with dirty blondish/brown.

What should their names be??

Question for today



React kindly to the good
React kindly to the bad
It's better than doing nothing at all
React kindly  to the happy
React kindly  to the sad
It's better to have an emotion 
Then nothing at all
React kindly  to the kind
React kindly  to the mean
Better to be React  kindly 
than worse or nothing at all


Right. Here are my dedications for this blog

My other friends and family that support me and this blog..

My fans??
Do I have fans

Question for today

Do I Have Fans?!?!?

Name Poem

America is my home


Today, We had our first day of Flag football. We had drills. Fun. Passing. 
Even better. 
Well. What a day.

Question of the day

Flag football, Or tackle football.
Well what are you doing still reading?? GO ANSWER!!


I feel the wind on my face, 
The pounding of my feet against the pavement,
The sweet smell of victory approaching
crisp Autumn air in my lungs




I cross the line.

Heavy door

 This blog today is dedicated to my friend.
Today, I will talk about my in-genius friend, who, incidentally slammed her arm in a door and is slightly Concerned that she fractured it. 
She closed her arm in a door (accidentally) it was one of those big, heavy, closing fast, sound proof, Thick doors.

Oh you....

Why did you close your arm in a door?!?!?!?

If my friend Fractured her arm in a door,

What color cast should she get...

Hunter green
Answer in the comments!!!

Poem time

To Be

You don't have to fall
to be broken.
you don't have to yell 
to be heard
You don't have to scream
to get their attention
You shouldn't be mean
to be respected
You shouldn't be pushed to the side
Or rejected
You Should rise up 
to be known
as the one who shines through. 

Question for today

If you had to not have any of the following items what would it be??

or Bushes ???

Poem of the day


Savor today
And savor tomorrow
because you'll never have them again
Savor your Friends
you'll never find one like them again
Savor that laugh
Because it will not last
and forgive the ones that did you wrong
Because they really are sorry
Savor these moments
Because, someday you will want to remember...

Water rockets

 Monday, September, 26 , 2011
My friend and I launched our water rocket today. It was, AMAZING!! It went as high as 264 feet in the air, it didn't break or anything! My friend and I named out rocket The CYCLONE!
because we angled the wings so it would spin, propelling it higher in the air. Well, it worked! Everyone said 
" WOW look at the red one!"

Ours was the red one.


Question of the day

Milk chocolate or Dark chocolate???

My buggy

Hello fellow human beings!

Today my dad brought home our buggy. He made it for us when my sister and I were around 5 and 7! We replaced the battery's in it today, so the charge lasts longer than an hour and a half! Me and my friend drove it around again today! It was super fun!!! 

Question Of the Present


Poem time


We are like snow
graceful and pure
I stand alone,
but I am never by my self
I am one of a kind. 
Simple as that
No you must be this 
Or you must be that
I am an Individual 
Simple as that
You are your own
None of that messing about
Trying to fit in
You are your own person. 
Don't conform to the mold
Be your self, 
Don't be squished by the things that they say
Shine through

Back from School

Thursday, September 22, 2011
Well, I am back from School, And I am super exited for tomorrow. We are having a trial day of..... GUM DAY!!!!
For over 17 years students have been trying to abolish to outlaw of gum in school. Now we have a slight bend in the status quo!!
For one day, We can chew gum and if we dispose of it properly in the waste basket by the door, We may have another gum day!, and more and more gum days until, if all goes well, the outlaw of gum completely abolished and the ability to chew gum in every class! 
Except band, 
Or P.E. 
Now that would be bad...

Question of the day


Poem of the day

My brush glides across the canvas, 
What I see as a masterpiece, 
Others call a mess.
What I see as a vision,
Others see a cluttered mind.
What I see as a careful painting,
Others call a lazy brush.
Others call me Crazy.
I call myself Picasso

by Amelia 

First Blogging Attempt

Wish me luck...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 
    So school started back up last week and its all been a rush. Homework, mooing alarm clocks and a heavy backpack, all this is a big change from sleeping in late, relaxing, and just the shirt on your back. I am super happy with my locker this year. Its right next to my super duper ultra amazing friends (whom a shall not mention the names of these super  duper ultra amazing friends.) My locker last year... well... that didn't end well. I was under this really rude kid, lets call him RK for RUDE KID. Well here I was a scared kid in a new class, and mister RK comes up opens his locker door into my head! Instead of saying sorry, he decides to be sarcastic, and says "Whoa, watch your head!!" And than starts laughing like a maniac. :P Well this happened a couple times before I got sick of it and moved to a new locker. This time below a popular girl. Her and her friends always hung around and stood in front of my locker,  making me late to class, :P Well they both ended up being really nice and I smile to them on a regular basis. :D
My teachers are amazing, same as last year. My homeroom teacher is super cool! I had to check my grammar in this blog or else my language arts teacher would freak out!  Well how was it? Was my  first time blog alright? See you tomorrow, where I will tell you the exciting adventures of the water rocket!!! (K.A.B.S Rules!) Tomorrow I have SCIENCE, than SPANISH, then... LUNCH! then SPEECH AND DEBATE! then LANGUAGE ARTS!!!! THEN I COME HOME AND UPDATE YA'LL ON THE DAYS GOINGS ON!

Question for today

Cherry Soda Or Root Beer??

Tell me in the comments

Kiwi Poem

by Amelia

The Kiwi
So sweet
So supple and soft, 
but your fuzzy brown skin makes me crazy.
you are a diamond in the rough
no one would ever know that you are an emerald inside
your inside glows a bright white and the green is as fresh as the grass on a summers day.