Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here is a little exert from my movie that I am making:

Please don't copy, or take ideas!

Trinity: Will you all look at your hands please? I have given you each a power, based on your life, and who you are. I have chosen you 4 based on these personality's and these personality's alone. What you have on your hand is a symbol that depicts your power. What that power is exactly, you will have to figure out on your own. once you figure it out, a symbol will appear on your hand
Rosie: I hate when people tell me to figure out stuff! (Rosie says ow, and looks down at her hand, and there is a small flame symbol on her hand

Ashley: Wait wait. We have powers?
Trinity: Yes...  I love how many questions you ask. But starting in 5 minutes you will be all alone. to finish your mission .
Casey: What is our mission exactly?
Trinity: See this? (holds up a small piece of bark with a heart cut out ) This was the heart and soul of this world, but the heart is missing. Someone has stolen these pieces. Two pieces. One piece is in this world, and one in the world you came from. Your task is to find both pieces and save my home. You will get tasks each step of the way. You must figure them out correctly or you will die in this world and wake up in your world, and you won’t remember anything from this journey. You won’t remember a thing... You have one day.

If you die during a task, or are killed by one of your peers,
Rosie: Why would one of us kill each other?
Trinity: you would be surprised by what temptation can do to the mind

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