Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Actress, I know crazy right!

So, I am an Actress!!!
I didn't want to put this up until, I have some readers that I could trust but I have been acting ever since I can remember!

I have done improv since I was about 7, and after finishing all those classes available to me, I began scripted work.
My first play was a Melodrama about melodramas!
I played a goodie two shoes called Winfred. I was 9
My second play was My second favorite production. It was a murder mystery, and I was a early suspect. I was 9

 I was bit by the acting bug

Other productions followed and my favorite production came up,

A Christmas Carol
I played little Fan, The sister to Scrooge.

This is what I love,  This is my life, and this is what I want to do forever.

Adios, Amelia <3


  1. cool! I think you make a very good actor!

  2. cool! never knew that you would be an actor


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