Thursday, November 3, 2011

Six Words

In this poem our teacher gave us six words we had to use in a poem. Here is my poem. The underlined words are the six words.

Six Words
By Amelia Sorensen
Core B2

Floating in the air
Like the lightest echo
Sounding like the rain
Falling on the roof of a tin shingled house
Flies a lone butterfly
Scarlet, and gold
 With subtle hints of blue
In the tips of the dainty wings
It floats through the gates of my dream world
Barely making the slightest sound
I reach forward
Cowardly at first
But more bravely
As its’ necessity to see me
Fills me with confidence
It cannot hide
This butterfly comes from the back of my brain
From a distant sea, drowned, hidden among forgotten thoughts
This one butterfly brings light to those thoughts
To never be forgotten again.
This one butterfly, this one idea,
Changes everything

And you can too…

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  1. you should be a perfesional person who writes poems!


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