Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello, and welcome to the pity story of Amelia at rehearsal..
Anyone with a faint heart, or a phobia of weirdness should just leave now.

Ah ha! You have made it through, so I know you don't have a faint heart or a phobia of weirdness.

Well, back on track. Rehearsal. I am costuming the school play with my friend, and the nerve of some people just gets to my nerves.... (no pun intended) We clearly state;
"Don't come into the costume room unless called in!" (Really how more clear could we have been?)
yet after stating such things, we still end up with 15 people yelling at us for their costumes.
" I need a skirt!"
"What ARE you doing?"
"Eww that's SOOOOOOO UGLY!!"
"Well honey, I DON"T CARE!"
"Don't touch that!"
"HELP I am drowning in a sea of people!

Any ways....

I have now made a list of people that are banned from the costume room. If they need to be fitted for a costume, they will have to wait outside. We have two people on the list so far, and I imagine the list will soon be growing.

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