Thursday, November 3, 2011

Another poem

I am feeling poemy today!

Path by Path
By Amelia!

A dazzling yellow knife severs
The black silk of night
As my eyes adjust
To the hours of darkness
My soul slinks along beside me
His eyes glittering in the darkness
My soul has a plan,
And so do I.
I sketch the outline in my head
Eyes dart around.
And as my graphite hits the canvas of life
 I draw my whole life in front of me
I keep fixing and erasing
Until I have no direction.
Only until I am good and confused
 Is when I will know where to go next…
The path of life is confusing, with so many people trying to tell you who to be.
But you are the artist
You have the paintbrush
And you can never let anyone
Take your paints from you
Life is full of color
So don’t paint it black and white
Your life is your life.
And you have your own ideas
Paint them
Make them happen
You are you.
So express yourself
If through words or actions
Or the way you carry yourself.
Be pleased
And smother yourself in creativity
Give the impression of being strong
Because you are

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