Thursday, November 3, 2011



The First Note of Piano 

A straightforward yet powerful sound
It sounds like a joke that nobody knows
A simple “how do you do?”
It feels like a body wracked with amusement 
An aching stomach filled with glee
So full
But you are still ravenous for more
It smells like spring
Freshly awoken
It smells like the country, 
Crammed with music and soul
It feels like creativity and love
Thinking outside the box
It tastes like the ice-cold lemonade 
In a clear glass
The ice cubes clicking against it.
It looks the Cheshire cat, 
Or the rays of amethyst 
Gleaming off the puffy clouds
In the first moment 
Of spring.
Makes me happy 
It makes a defective day
Perfect again 

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