Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today, I helped with the costumes for our school play.  I had to trim off the most annoying fringe off a skirt, while my friend sang home from "Beauty and the Beast"! Wow, So anyway, this fringe was annoying me to the high heavens and cutting it off was a hassle with the bad scissors I found in a box. Me, being my lazy self, was to lazy to go find better ones.

Also, today, We played flag football, and we had two people that were complete football freaks that should have been in competitive, not the recreational group. So anytime one of us would do something wrong, they would freak out and yell, and swear, and finally it got to a point were the rest of the team went on strike. We took a knee in the grass and waited, until the stopped swearing, and then we said simply,
"We are on Strike."
So then they said, We don't need you!

They needed us

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  1. Haha that's awesome! They did need you. I love the strike thing:)


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