Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Blogging Attempt

Wish me luck...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 
    So school started back up last week and its all been a rush. Homework, mooing alarm clocks and a heavy backpack, all this is a big change from sleeping in late, relaxing, and just the shirt on your back. I am super happy with my locker this year. Its right next to my super duper ultra amazing friends (whom a shall not mention the names of these super  duper ultra amazing friends.) My locker last year... well... that didn't end well. I was under this really rude kid, lets call him RK for RUDE KID. Well here I was a scared kid in a new class, and mister RK comes up opens his locker door into my head! Instead of saying sorry, he decides to be sarcastic, and says "Whoa, watch your head!!" And than starts laughing like a maniac. :P Well this happened a couple times before I got sick of it and moved to a new locker. This time below a popular girl. Her and her friends always hung around and stood in front of my locker,  making me late to class, :P Well they both ended up being really nice and I smile to them on a regular basis. :D
My teachers are amazing, same as last year. My homeroom teacher is super cool! I had to check my grammar in this blog or else my language arts teacher would freak out!  Well how was it? Was my  first time blog alright? See you tomorrow, where I will tell you the exciting adventures of the water rocket!!! (K.A.B.S Rules!) Tomorrow I have SCIENCE, than SPANISH, then... LUNCH! then SPEECH AND DEBATE! then LANGUAGE ARTS!!!! THEN I COME HOME AND UPDATE YA'LL ON THE DAYS GOINGS ON!

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